7 Overly Intense Fitness Quotes That Will Make You Nervous


Probably 99% of the searches returned on Pinterest for “Fitness Inspiration” are professionally edited photos of “people” (possibly descendants of Zeus) lifting massive weights or scaling a ginormous mountain with overlaid font that reads hyperbolic messages that basically tell you you’re HOLDING YOUR GLORY BACK so go BURN IT OFF, CHUBS and LOOK WHAT YOU CAN BE.

Sometimes Fitness Enthusiasts can be a little intense. Or even seem high strung and extreme (Jillian’s butt from the latest season of The Bachelor comes to mind). Some seem like they’re ready to pounce at any moment, almost as if Zombies are chasing them or they have to fight off a wolf in the woods and display their hulk-like athleticism at a moment’s notice. It’s like they think that our modern human civilization is one big army of Huns or Roman Emperors needed for battle, instead of just people wearing ties and brewing their second cup of coffee in the office breakroom and feeling too tired to do much of anything. (The only thing they’re pillaging is leftover cake.)

But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing; after all, most of these Enthusiastic Fitness People are physically healthy – so great. But that mentality isn’t for everyone. And for those who aren’t like that, it’s bewildering and terrifying to witness. And entertaining.

Don’t get us wrong, motivation is good – we’re all for it. But its time to end the Reign of Terror and burn some calories with a good ol’ barrel laugh at the expense of someone who seems like they’re training for The Most Dangerous Game.

Here are a collection of the seven best over-the-top fitness quotes from Pinterest that are intended to “inspire” others to workout and become their greatest self. Definitely not fear for their lives. Definitely not.



These are the three options? We would probably stop for an untied shoelace. Those can be deadly.



*Quietly sniffles into bag of chips*



Or the nuts.



The Battle of Black Friday? Fair enough, that can get ugly.



Tired is probably a form of “done”…so…what then?



Technically said by Maya Angelou, but she probably didn’t mean it in the context of trying to bench 150 pounds.



Oh it’s on. 


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