3 Common Exercise Excuses for Christmas


‘Tis the season for indulgence. And hey, you won’t hear us saying that’s necessarily a bad thing (bring on the peppermint hot chocolate). But let’s acknowledge that we all have way too many excuses to put off our health during the holiday season. A few? No problem. Halt the diet for a day and pound back a couple cocktails and charcuterie at the office party. It’s a time for celebration, after all. But eating candy canes to the point of explosion and then parking your bloated behind on the couch? Not a good plan.

We know we shouldn’t overindulge. But that doesn’t stop us from making excuses to abandon all vegetables and tuck away our running shoes for the season. The countdown to Christmas may even start to mirror the number of cookies you consume or the hours you spend stationary watching Christmas Vacation on repeat.

Do you find yourself coming up with these sorts of excuses below when it comes time to hit the gym or eat a salad during December? After all, the elf on the shelf is watching. And he’s counting your steps. And your slices of gingerbread cake. Be honest and confront your excuses to overcome them and reign in your indulgences this holiday season.


Yes, it’s cold. It might even be so cold that the snowmen come inside to get warm (waka waka). But like getting out of bed in the morning, it will only hurt for a minute. Once you brave the winter air and get moving, you’ll thank yourself for your courage. Maybe it’s the right time to try hot yoga? Winter is an open opportunity to mix up your fitness routine and add a jolt of energy. And if you’re having real trouble getting out, you can try one of these (a great conversation starter around the gym).


You might have a holiday event every night. Your dance card is full. You’ve worn so many ugly sweaters, festive onesies, bow ties, and sparkle tops that you don’t even remember what it was like to dress in a way that didn’t scream “celebrate!” With so much revelry it can be hard to remember that alcohol and hours d’oeuvres shouldn’t be pounded back on the nightly. Try eating a protein packed meal before you attend to reduce snacking temptations, and take it easy on the cheer-filled drinks so that you don’t end up on the naughty list.


But I shopped today. Doesn’t that burn calories? Sure it does. But you’d likely have to shop nearly 6 hours to burn off the calories consumed in one pumpkin scone. That might literally be shopping to the point of dropping and if you can brave the crazy crowds for that long you deserve a medal. But don’t assume standing in line equates to the same fitness benefits as your normal workout routine.

Try not to abandon your good habits during December. Because that’s not what Christmas is about, Charlie Brown. And ducking out to take a walk or hit the gym might save you from making snow globes with your Aunt Mildred and her weird cats (who decided to come for the holidays at the last minute.)

Working Out is a Challenge. Summer Makes it Worse.


It’s officially summer. That means the bikinis are on and your rolls are out. The BBQs are fired up and the meat temperatures are being bickered over. And the sun won’t let you forget that you didn’t want to work out in the first place (you can barely drag yourself off the couch to walk when its a balmy 70 degrees and overcast, let alone lace up your running shoes to venture out into satan’s armpit of 98 degree hell fire).

Summer is arguably the toughest time to maintain your healthy lifestyle (aside from the fruit cake capturing days of December). When you break a sweat walking to the bathroom, it can be difficult to maintain the positive fitness vibes that you cultivated during the spring. So what do you do? Try these 5 tips to stay motivated during the summer months:

Start early. Even with the fan blowing you’re probably too warm to get a good night’s sleep anyways. Beat the heat and wake up early to get in an outdoor workout before the sun dominates the landscape. You’ll feel better throughout the day and be glad to avoid the harmful rays.

Hydrate often. Drink plenty of cool water throughout the day. This will curb hunger, keep you hydrated as the sun depletes your nutrient supply, and reduce headaches associated with the heat. And don’t forget to hydrate any pets that you might drag along with you on your exercise excursions.

Class Pass. When meteorologists are frying eggs on the pavement to make a point, going outside is out of the question. Summer may be the perfect time to try indoor fitness classes and see what all the fuss is about. Look for temporary options like summer passes or month-to-month packages. And air conditioning? Oh yes.

Eat seasonally. We know that fresh is best, so eating seasonally is the best way to jazz up your summer dinners while keeping your waistline trim. Chances are you aren’t interested in a heavy meal anyways, so check out a seasonal food guide to see what’s freshest in your area.

Play. Remember when you were a kid and felt amazing after a day of swimming or running amok and eating popsicles outside with juice running down your arms? Tap into your childish sensibility and play at the beach, swim in a pool or start an outdoor game. You’ll burn more calories than you think and have a ball while you do it.


10 Things That Happen When You’ve Been Sitting For Longer Than 1 Hour


  1. Your brain gets foggy. Fact: movement stimulates creativity and gets those neurons firing to aid mental processing. If there’s no movement, there’s no mental processing. And then there’s only mindless cat-video-watching as opposed to mentally stimulating cat-video-watching.
  2. People think you never leave your desk. This gives them the green light to constantly stop by and bother you. Especially Gladys from Accounting who loves sharing her cat’s latest demonstration of super powers. No Gladys, the pee pattern in the kitty litter box doesn’t look like Jesus and your cat isn’t a prophet. 
  3. Your back’s disks will be starved of nutrients. This weakens the disks and locks them up. And you need them to work right for walking and stuff. Poor disks.
  4. Your pants get wrinkled. You end up looking like a tattered rag used by a homeless man and then abandoned on the sidewalk. And not in a good way. Rachel Zoe is feeling apathetic about you somewhere.
  5. Your butt flattens. It will start to feel like a pancake. It will be ready for syrup and the special’s board at iHop.
  6. Your muscles become perpetually cramped. This can tighten and damage your muscles over time. You’ll end up feeling like you constantly need a massage and then you’ll spend all your money at the spa and probably end up on the street with the homeless man’s rag.
  7. Health risks increase. Just, all the things. Cardiovascular disease and diabetes, just to name a couple. Sitting pretty much helps every disease screw you over. Asshole.
  8. You embrace stalker tendencies. Maybe you need a change of scenery so you stop checking if your ex posted a new Insta every 2 seconds. Just sayin’.
  9. Explorations abandoned. What passed you by while you were just sitting there?
  10. People miss out on your backside. And you have an absolutely breathtaking heiny.

So what do we do? Move, Fitbeasts! Go forth and end sitting’s evil reign over your backside. Because that thing is nice and someone might want to be friends with it.


Definitive Proof that THIS Is The Right Time of Day to Work Out

Note: there is no right time.

clockDon’t you just love headlines that lead you to believe there is one right answer for something? Unless it is the correct way to refer to pi, which is, in fact, apple with cinnamon crumble topping and not 3.14159 as some might think.

The right time to work out is anytime. As long as it is sometime. Simple as that. If you are trying to move, you are doing it at the right time of day, i.e. the time that works with your schedule. Whatever time you prefer to get active, here are tips to ensure you work out at some point in the day:


Skip the coffee. Please. The sloshin’ won’t be a pleasant knockin’ on an empty stomach.

Lay out your exercise clothes. The less thinking required in the morning, the better, so select your outfit the night before and it set next to your running shoes for easy dressing. Rumor has it some people sleep in their exercise clothes, but you can’t prove that unless doing something extremely awkward.

Make breakfast ahead of time. Pre-work out opt for a one cup-sized fruit and veggie based smoothie made the night before to jumpstart your routine. Post-workout finish off the most important meal of the day with eggs or plain oatmeal that give you a healthy breakfast in just minutes.


Do a shoe swap. Bring comfortable walking shoes to change into during your lunch break. Dress shoes won’t get your motor running to take a brisk walk between meetings, so be sure to come prepared with proper footwear.

Brown bag it (in a reusable bag, of course). The worst way to derail a fitful afternoon is the need to make a mad grab for fast food. Pack a healthy lunch the night before and set a reminder to actually bring it with you. Consider packing a meal that can be snacked on walking around if you have little time on your breaks.


Prep the vegetables.  Everyone knows you should eat lots of vegetables, but sometimes if you need to wash, cut and prep them for cooking it can take some time. Do this ahead of time and portion out your vegetable helpings and ensure you aren’t wasting away in the kitchen until the wee hours of the night.

Eat a hearty lunch. If you are aiming to exercise right after the rush hour, make sure you have a healthy lunch or late afternoon snack to give you the energy to make it through your workout and deter running to the nearest Pizza Hut. Nuts and fruits are the best options for long-lasting energy that will bring you home to dinner time.

Get an early start. The closer you workout to bedtime, the harder it can be to fall asleep. Try to finish working out at least 3 hours before you will go to bed. Exercise will improve your sleep patterns, so be sure to find the right time and hit your sweet spot.

Is it your time to get active? Off you go!


Fitbeast Awarded 2nd Place in Google Fit Challenge!

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 5.55.22 PM

We are happy to announce that Fitbeast has been named a 2nd Place Winner of the Google Fit Developer Challenge in the New App category! Developers from all over the world entered this contest to compete with other apps that use Google Fit. Judges were looking for apps that showed real innovation, design, longevity, helpful functionality, and (we think most importantly), were fun to use.

Chester’s corgi toes are tickled by the news. And we’ll admit, it feels pretty darn good. Almost as good as earning burritos. Everyone knows how good that feels. And to top it all off, Google gave us some pretty sweet prizes too, like:

Sony Smartwatch 3 powered by Android Wear


Withings Smart Body Analyzer Scale withings

Polar Loop Activity Tracker 




Polar Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensor 




Adidas X Cell 


Adidas Speed Cell

adidas speed cell

Thanks to Google for this recognition and we look forward to taking more steps forward in improving health and wellness in a way that is actually fun. And won’t make you want to throw your running shoes out of a moving car. That’s pretty much the goal.


Come With Me If You Want Your Chair to Live


As if we all needed to hear it again, here it is: sitting is killing you. Slowly. Worse than the albino torturing Wesley. Except that you can’t just yell TRUEE LOVEE and it all stops. Inigo Montoya’s sword is not being guided to a hidden underground tree chamber to come and save you. It’s just not happening at the moment.

Sitting truly is the silent killer, according to multiple infographics that office coworkers send to each other. While sitting. At their computers. And never. Standing. Up. After 8 hours of mailing cat gifs back and forth to your office bestie in your average, spinning business chair, your back and bones probably start to feel sitting’s evil sting. It must be stopped.

So what do we do? Forfeit the battle for our bodies and turn over into artificially intelligent robots? No, it’s too early for that.

Ahem, excuse the shameless plug, but Fitbeast can help. That’s why Chester is here. To help you be healthier and stuff. Allow Chester to let you in on a little secret:


Fituals. Tiny little reminders that remind you to do one little thing: move.

Every hour from 9am – 5pm, which is the typical workday for the tax-paying steak-loving, computer-dwelling American, a tiny Chester will remind you to move (if you haven’t already). Just, move. Get up out of your chair, take a few steps, improve your health. Repeat. And end sitting’s dominance over your sad chair. It probably deserves a break. Poor chair.

You can thank us when you have those extra years on your life handy to earn a Nobel Prize or write that novel that rests on the shelves between Twain and Dostoyevsky. Or the Princess Bride. All classics.

What do you have to lose? Give it a try. Chester’s nice. He’s funny. He likes steps. And burritos. The more steps you take, the more burritos you can probably have. Seems fair.

– Get Fituals


Kitten-Clad Leg Warmers & Trying

We’ve all seen her. The hell-raising, determined Fitness Mom bulldozing the sidewalk with her stroller like its an extension of her uncontrollable minivan. She’s thin, of course, but toned from her regimen of cardio and lifting. She’s decked out in fabulous Lululemon workout gear. And oh yeah, she has a baby (she’s not just pushing weights in that stroller but hey, that thought might have crossed her mind). The baby is also wearing workout gear but with the addition of kitten-clad leg warmers. Adorbs.

This lady never would have dated you in high school and would never have been your friend. You’d probably have carried her books and she would have called you by the wrong name. (“It’s not Margie but that’s ok…”)

If you are exercising near this lady, she will lap you. Continually. You’ll be sweating bazookas and she won’t perspire a drop. Or if she does, it will only result in an angelic glow that she meant to have. She might lap you in other things too, like having a better job, house, attractive spouse and bright kids who will become successful and pamper her in her old age (this lady will also look 30 forever). She’ll power by you with her stroller and her baby will shake the kittens in arrogance.

Let her lap you. She’s a non-issue. Don’t be discouraged. Not by her. You are there too. Trying. And you’re lapping those standing at the burrito stand. For the win. Bazookas.

7 Overly Intense Fitness Quotes That Will Make You Nervous


Probably 99% of the searches returned on Pinterest for “Fitness Inspiration” are professionally edited photos of “people” (possibly descendants of Zeus) lifting massive weights or scaling a ginormous mountain with overlaid font that reads hyperbolic messages that basically tell you you’re HOLDING YOUR GLORY BACK so go BURN IT OFF, CHUBS and LOOK WHAT YOU CAN BE.

Sometimes Fitness Enthusiasts can be a little intense. Or even seem high strung and extreme (Jillian’s butt from the latest season of The Bachelor comes to mind). Some seem like they’re ready to pounce at any moment, almost as if Zombies are chasing them or they have to fight off a wolf in the woods and display their hulk-like athleticism at a moment’s notice. It’s like they think that our modern human civilization is one big army of Huns or Roman Emperors needed for battle, instead of just people wearing ties and brewing their second cup of coffee in the office breakroom and feeling too tired to do much of anything. (The only thing they’re pillaging is leftover cake.)

But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing; after all, most of these Enthusiastic Fitness People are physically healthy – so great. But that mentality isn’t for everyone. And for those who aren’t like that, it’s bewildering and terrifying to witness. And entertaining.

Don’t get us wrong, motivation is good – we’re all for it. But its time to end the Reign of Terror and burn some calories with a good ol’ barrel laugh at the expense of someone who seems like they’re training for The Most Dangerous Game.

Here are a collection of the seven best over-the-top fitness quotes from Pinterest that are intended to “inspire” others to workout and become their greatest self. Definitely not fear for their lives. Definitely not.



These are the three options? We would probably stop for an untied shoelace. Those can be deadly.



*Quietly sniffles into bag of chips*



Or the nuts.



The Battle of Black Friday? Fair enough, that can get ugly.



Tired is probably a form of “done”…so…what then?



Technically said by Maya Angelou, but she probably didn’t mean it in the context of trying to bench 150 pounds.



Oh it’s on. 


Does Anyone Really Relate to This?

Robots live among us. And they have very, very tanned abs.

When you’re mustering up the energy to go work out, do you think of a photo like this and say, “WHOA! YES! INSPIRING! NOW I’LL GO. THAT WILL BE ME!”


Personally the only thing it inspires us to do is binge eat tater tots while irrationally cursing and contemplating how much muscle is potentially gained by squirting the last drops out of a ketchup bottle.

We’re more into this:

chesterrelatableBecause we can relate to a pudgy corgi so much better than a 10 foot tall glamazon with flawless skin and fluffed out hair whose brand rep is trying to convince us just finished an intense workout.

Is the girl with oiled abs really inspirational? Countless fitness brands and Pinterest posts seem to think so. But we happen to think that it might do the exact opposite, and initiative a defeatist attitude before you can even put on your walking shoes. And who wants that? Who is this girl? She’s not us. We don’t have thigh gaps (it’s a club and, yes, we have t-shirts: “CLOSE THE GAP”).  We doubt she’s you either (unless you’re a man, and then she’s definitely not you. Probably).

It’s not about her extremely oiled, tanned abs. Repeat – this is not about bulk buying coconut oil from Costco and rubbing it onto your torso to take the most perfectly lit, glimmering magical unicorn abs shot. This is about getting out there, racking up some burrito steps, and cultivating a positive lifestyle, all before getting back to business. Or video games. Or your video game business. Point is, get in some movement and then go back to what you do for a living so you can – ahem – keep living.  Mind blown.

Maybe next time you need some fitness inspiration, think of Chester doing this instead:




Fitbeast Now Available on Google Play


Great news! The Fitbeast app is officially available in the Google Play Store. That means you are now a majestic Fitbeast. At least, you could be. Sometimes it takes a little help from a friend. Chester the corgi wants to be that friend. He is your tiny partner for fitness things that motivate you to exercise and be healthy. You know, when he’s not eating burritos. He likes burritos.

Fitbeast integrates with your Google Fit account to enhance your healthy lifestyle through the encouragement of a furry comrade. After all, you’re in this together. And together, you and Chester can achieve burritos. So. Many. Burritos.

Listen up, folks. Chester isn’t your ordinary corgi. He does a lot of things. Things that he can’t quite explain but he still spins that sweet corgi mind in motion and tries his darndest. For example, Chester will:

• Kick his corgi legs into gear and join you on fitness adventures. There’s no way he’s missing out. Just, no way.

• Eat burritos. Did we mention Chester likes burritos? He wants to help you earn his favorite food, so that you reach your fitness goals. Each 25,000 steps = 1 burrito. So start earning your delicious kudos, kiddos.

• Lend words of encouragement as often or not-often as you desire. If you don’t want them Chester can take a hint. He’s not crying he was just cutting onions to make a lasagna. For one.

• Provide invaluable wisdom and information cultivated during his fascinating corgi lifetime. You could say a corgi taught you something. And we think that’s something special. Corgi special.

Chester knows this is his chance to make a difference. A fitness difference. A fiterence, if you will. He won’t mess this up. Help him help you so that You = Fitbeast. You had him at burrito. — Get the app.