Does Anyone Really Relate to This?

Robots live among us. And they have very, very tanned abs.

When you’re mustering up the energy to go work out, do you think of a photo like this and say, “WHOA! YES! INSPIRING! NOW I’LL GO. THAT WILL BE ME!”


Personally the only thing it inspires us to do is binge eat tater tots while irrationally cursing and contemplating how much muscle is potentially gained by squirting the last drops out of a ketchup bottle.

We’re more into this:

chesterrelatableBecause we can relate to a pudgy corgi so much better than a 10 foot tall glamazon with flawless skin and fluffed out hair whose brand rep is trying to convince us just finished an intense workout.

Is the girl with oiled abs really inspirational? Countless fitness brands and Pinterest posts seem to think so. But we happen to think that it might do the exact opposite, and initiative a defeatist attitude before you can even put on your walking shoes. And who wants that? Who is this girl? She’s not us. We don’t have thigh gaps (it’s a club and, yes, we have t-shirts: “CLOSE THE GAP”).  We doubt she’s you either (unless you’re a man, and then she’s definitely not you. Probably).

It’s not about her extremely oiled, tanned abs. Repeat – this is not about bulk buying coconut oil from Costco and rubbing it onto your torso to take the most perfectly lit, glimmering magical unicorn abs shot. This is about getting out there, racking up some burrito steps, and cultivating a positive lifestyle, all before getting back to business. Or video games. Or your video game business. Point is, get in some movement and then go back to what you do for a living so you can – ahem – keep living.  Mind blown.

Maybe next time you need some fitness inspiration, think of Chester doing this instead:




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