It’s a Wonderful Wearables World


Chester doesn’t wear any clothes. But at the same time, he’s not naked. It’s kind of a paradox. But the one thing he does wear is a device to track the number of steps he takes each day (its on his foot – hidden beneath bushels of fur – it’s a corgi thing). He thinks how many steps you take is kind of important to know. Like your IQ.


Actually, that number is Chester’s daily steps goal. It’s probably better if his true IQ were kept a mystery.

Wearable fitness devices are more popular than ever, and gaining traction for 2015. It might be time to see what all the hoopla is about and look into the right option for you. Bracelet? Clip? Watch? Choices galore are coming, so pay attention, people. And corgis. Corgis too.

Chester recently realized some people wear visors instead of traditional trucker hats. He’s thinking this will be the next hipster thing. Everyone with beards and visors. You heard it here first.


Visors and beards don’t really relate to wearables but that’s just Chester.


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