Oh, The Things You Would See

What if you stood up, got off the couch, closed your computer, set down the smartphone, and went outside. What then?


What if you went outside and walked around? What would you see?

Maybe its the homeless lady who riffles through your recycle bin. Maybe its the twelfth cat that belongs to your neighbors. Maybe its the Amazon Prime delivery person wondering if you’re lost. Point is, you won’t know what you’re missing until you get out there.

Here are 3 things you may miss if you are hiding in the house:

1. This bunny:


It shouldn’t be running around your house, unless, you know, its your pet Sniffles or something.

2. This view:


You won’t see this from your couch, unless, you know, you’re a millionaire, in which case, good for you Daddy Warbucks.

3. All these red cars parked in a row:



So there you have it. Don’t miss these things. Get out and give your couch a break. And when you return, Orange is the New Black will be there. Piper, Crazy Eyes, Red – they’re all there. Waiting for you. And probably envious that you aren’t limited to a dirt track in freezing Connecticut for exercise. Get out while you can – if you don’t, you may be sorry later. Yeah, jail. That’s right – JAIL. Things just got serious.

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